- A rock solid partner trusted by many of the global leaders...


Chevrolet, Sony, Shell, Heineken, T-mobile, Play, Energa, Nordea Bank, Neostrada and many TV stations in Poland and abroad including but not limited to: MTV Poland & MTV Europe, Extreme Sports Channel Poland & Europe, ESPN, Eurosport, Discovery Channel USA and many more...

We gained their trust thanks to our hard work and creativity. We are a close-knit team spearheaded by Paul Lazniak, a professional with 10 years of experience...years that had sharpen his eye, broaden his horizons and above all taught him humility.

We mostly deal with complete video production meaning script writing + shooting + postproduction (editing + color grading + special effects) like in Arrinera and DFDS projects for example. We approach pre-production phase as the most important aspect that needs to be well thought out so we take our time as we consult marketing specialists and dive into the nuances of your project. If there is a need, we can relocate to any part of the world for our production.

We have a post-production studio in Poland ready to rumble. If you are located in a different part of the globe and can shoot by yourself, KNOW THAT we can transform your RAW footage into WOW footage. Our work for PESA and City of Champions projects should attest to the blue ribbon quality and meticulousness of our work. Excited? To sink your teeth into more fruits of our labour of love please do check our PORTFOLIO page.


We are a versatile team that can create strong visuals for movies, TV shows, commercials and what-have-you's :)


>>> Corporate videos

* Company presentation -> TOPEX/ Allcon/ PPNT

* Investor pitch

* EXPO video

* Anniversary videos (Chevrolet, Nordea Bank, City of Gdynia)

* Visual identification / (Logo animation) (Topex 1, Topex 2, Topex 3, Cerrad Rebranding



>>> Product videos


* Equimpent - Sosnowski

* Clothing line collection -> Cropp Riders

* WEB 2.0 – website/ web app promo videos (Explainer style and others)

* Mobile -> mobile app presentation / mobile game trailer


>>> Post-production

In our post-production studio we work mostly on:
* Commercials (Sony, T-mobile, SOFA, Bydgoskie meble, Extraleague)

* Color grading (Faces of Solidarity)

* TV/youtube shows/programs opening/closing sequence,"sponsored by" messages

* Complete post-production of a feature film

~*~ Post-production process ~*~

-> Before and After

-> Screencap Time-lapse






* Pete grace   – CLIP 1 -> Deep in my mind

                                CLIP 2 -> Indian giver ( link soon )

* Neo Retros – High rise in sunshine

* Dzika zona – fun video about xmas


Ocasionally we want something extra...something that will create a jaw-dropping effect. We want to lure the viewer into our world. We do that by injecting our productions with a syringe-full of WOW in the form of:


* 2D/3D animation - creates a happy, light feel or an epic one, depending on usage

     - EXPLAINER Animation - very popular animation these mobile world and WWW

     - Logo animation for youtube or before product or company videos

          TECHJET - we've speed up the final animation to 6 sec

          CERRAD (rebranding)

          POLSKA PIĘKNIEJE - EU EVENT (we've cranked up the whole event with our visuals) -> ONE EXAMPLE 

     - CUSTOM MADE - different style/technique of animation - whiteboard for example or some creative one like from 

* Aerial videos (Heineken, Costa Concordia) - we have partners all over the world...feel free to contact us for a quote

* Time lapse (DFDS)

* Slow motion (Gdansk 2016)

* More...

>>> Video Marketing

* V-BLOG -> We will be thrilled to help you create an attractive video blog to market your product/service. If you don't have an actor/presenter we'll suggest one...We created a web series for a big Shopping Gallery (Kapuczina – Fashion specialist/ Stylist/ blogger of the year)

* V-IRALS - You have a killer app and want a video to die for? Something controversial? Something funny? Something that will spread like a virus? You want to promote yourself or the product in a unique way? Allow our marketing team to have a go at it and you might conclude it's the best thing ever!