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  • Shell International Business Centre

Client: Shell Poland

Executive producer: Onoffmedia

Editing & postproduction (special effects): LAZNIAK.COM

Shell Business Service Centre in Krakow is one link in a chain of six shared service centres. Based locally, they offer centralised Finance, HR, IT, and other business services to Shell Global. In 2011, their achievements were recognised with an Award for Excellence in Improvement & Innovation from the Shared Services & Outsourcing Network.

We were asked by Onoffmedia to postproduce the video showing the merits of working in SBSC Krakow. The young-at-heart and international group of workers, 1500 strong, is waiting for you @ Krakow.

Such corporate videos form the bulk of work we do everyday.

  • Sony Smartphone Commercial

Together with ZM Concept we have produced a series of flagship smartphone commercials for Sony Poland. 

Below you can see one of them. 

They aired in Polish National TV stations reaching millions of viewers.

  • DFDS Seaways - Artistic Time-lapse

We were contracted by DFDS SEAWAYS to film the rebranding of one of their vessels - Norman Spirit - which changed to Calais Seaways. It now runs between Dover and Calais.

The chosen technique was TIME-LAPSE PHOTOGRAPHY with a bit of motion graphics. We shot for 10 days and post-production took 20 days. It was a deeply challenging project with days streching out to 14 hrs.

Read more about this project HERE

  • PESA - Link

Client: PESA S.A.

Producer: E-SOLUTION

Executive producer: PROXYMEDIA

Post-production: LAZNIAK.COM


PESA is a company with a European reach. Its trains can be seen across Poland, Hungary, Italy, Germany, Romania, Ukraine (there was even a special armoured train produced for Viktor Yushchenko). Recently they were contracted by Trenitalia with the production of 41 trains (570 mln euro). So in addition to past purchases Trenitalia will own 81 PESA trains. 

We did complete post-production for their commercial video. Trains in this commercial - Link - were so appealing to Deutsche Bahn that they signed the contract for 1,20 billion euro with Pesa. 400 trains are to be delivered to Germany starting 2015. GO PESA! :)

  • Arrinera - Official Video


Executive producer: LAZNIAK.COM


Destination: INTERNET


We worked with the supercar manufacturer in order to create a commercial that would appeal to customers wanting to own a remarkable and luxurious vehicle.

What an amazing car! Currently Arrinera Automotives receives enquiries from all over the world from partners who want to become dealers. GO ARRINERA!

  • Arrinera - Making Of (HOT!)


Executive producer: LAZNIAK.COM


Destination: INTERNET


Arrinera was an amazing project. In this video you can see how meticulously we work. Each member of our team gave his best to achieve the phenomenal result of pushing Arrinera from the position of an unknown company to an important player in the supercar segment.



Client: Welmory Limited - Brand visible in 12 countries so far

Executive producer: LAZNIAK.COM

Editing, special effects: LAZNIAK.COM

destination: INTERNET


MISSION -> To help WELMORY LIMITED expand and reach new market...Spain

  • COS - Sports Center

Client: Central Sports Center - Olympic Preparation Centre WAŁCZ

Executive producer: ProxyMedia

Postproduction: LAZNIAK.COM

Destination: INTERNET

  • ETAP SOFA GrandVario | product video

Client: ETAP SOFA GrandVario

Executive producer: Proxy Media

Editing, special effects: LAZNIAK.COM

destination: INTERNET

  • IVO Software /

Client: IVO Software

Executive producer: OPEN-PRODUCTIONS



Destination: INTERNET, FAIR


IVO Software is a global leader in text-to-speech synthesis. In many competitions IVONA has beaten such competitors as Microsoft, Nokia and Toshiba, IBM, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Carnegie Mellon University, Kyoto University. We were very happy working with IVO Software on few projects and befriending the owners.

Acquired by in January 2013.

  • Biggest Technological Park in Poland

Client: Pomeranian Science and Technology Park

Vision and production:


Due to their expansion PSTP wanted a short movie presenting the history of the Park and the new vision. The film was scheduled to be finished just before the world's leading high-tech event - CEBIT fair in Hanover in March 2013.

  • Pete Grace feat. Rassa - Deep In My Mind

Client: Pete Grace

Directed by: Paul Lazniak [LAZNIAK.COM]

Camera operators: Paul Lazniak [LAZNIAK.COM], Damian Karczewski [LAZNIAK.COM]

Editing, color grading: Paul Lazniak [LAZNIAK.COM]


  • Neo Retros - The High-rise in the Sunshine

Editing, color grading: LAZNIAK.COM


We worked on a music video for Neo Retros, a band signed to Sony Music Entertainment Poland.

Video reached over 500 000 views on their official VEVO channel and many more on other channels :)


  • Gdańsk 2016 – FEEL FREE

Client: City of GDAŃSK

Editing, color grading: LAZNIAK.COM


Short promo film for Gdansk - candidate for the title of European Capital of Culture, shot with Phantom @ 400 FPS

  • METALPLAST - SkyTower


Executive producer: AEROCLIP.PL

Postproduction: LAZNIAK.COM

Destination: INTERNET

  • VW Golf Variant


Executive producer: OPEN-PRODUCTIONS

Execution: LAZNIAK.COM




Mission - create a film celebrating 50 years of Volkswagen in Sopot and showing Volkswagen Golf Variant

  • Kennol F1 – DemoCars

client: KENNOL F1

executive producer: OPEN-PRODUCTIONS

execution: LAZNIAK.COM

destiny: INTERNET

  • Kennol F1 – Racing

Client: KENNOL F1

Executive producer: OPEN-PRODUCTIONS


Destination: INTERNET

  • Timeless Faces

Directed by: Maciej Szupica

Camera: Bartosz Bieniek, Krzysztof Kowalski

Editing and grading: LAZNIAK.COM

Music: BT


It was an interesting project :) We post it here also to show you our color grading skills.

  • Sosnowski - Car repair shop equimpent

Client: Sosnowski

Produced by: LAZNIAK.COM


Destination: INTERNET, EXPO


We can produce interesting video showing various machines and their feats. We created many videos for Sosnowski...these were for national fair.

  • Cosworth - a blast from the past :)

Last but certainly not the least ;)

Before the youtube era we operated a succesfull website named It got over a million hit at one point. We used it to share our fascination with cars. These movies inspired many people and one of them is now shooting footage for DRIVE - the biggest youtube channel for car lovers (with over 74 mln views!)


We are presenting a 2004 production showing the poetry of driving a Ford Cosworth :) Made purely out of love! We are proud of it! It's unreal how far we've got since then!