Here we want to share how we approach each project. Below you will find the general guidelines/steps we go through with each Client.


1. We start working with you by talking freely about your vision and what you want to achieve. We brainstorm together and share ideas. If you have specific/crystallised vision already we proceed to the next step.


2. We propose one or more options of execution (depending on if we already know the budget) e.g


  Complete Production Only post-production
Lower budget 1 day of shooting, 3 days of postproduction 3 days of work -> simple animations/transitions
Medium budget 1-2 days of shooting, 6 days of postproduction 6 days of work -> more complicated work for example visualisation of planet earth (like
Higher budget More days of shooting and postproduction -> additionally we're using more or higher quality equipment (e.g Phantom Camera for slow motion video or Helicopter/plane for aerial footage - in medium budget we replace those with helicam), more animations (including 3D), etc. 10+ days of work (or bigger team/long-term collaboration) -> complex work, difficult animations (or a large number of them) e.g building a 3d world (like in Arrinera project) or any other time-consuming processes                     


We suggest technique/equimpent/style that will work best in your particular example.

In addition to that we also explain (in simplest language possible) what would be the end result of each option so that you can visualise it better. 


3. With our help you decide which option will suit your project best. After that we discuss the specific terms e.g what is the deadline and sign the Agreement.  We collect everything we need to know to start our work e.g marketing plan/ideas of the company, brand analysis so that in our film we could emphasise certain desired aspects of the company/product or we could write a script that best matches corporate image that has been established.

For most projects we ask for a pre-payment consisting of 20-30% of the total sum.


4. We begin our work and depending on our Agreement, we send the script/storyboard for approval or proceed with the work. Our project manager sends frequent updates you on our progress and if needed proposes different/better solutions or asks for help/suggestions in any stage of the production.


5. We send our draft version before the deadline and wait for additional comments from you.  If you have any we implement this correction free of charge. If any other ideas came up in the end or in the middle of our work we write up another Agreement and then implement the changes/improvements.


6. We send the final video/s via our FTP or other method.


7. Both parties are pleased with the result :) 


We perceive each project as a journey and we are very grateful to each and every Client for allowing us to travel with him. It would seem that our journey ends here but each end is also a new beginning. We are quite a unique business in the sense that a large percentage of our Clients decides to initiate a long-term collaboration or at least use our services on an as-needed basis. Our active marketing is therefore minimal. We are immensely grateful for your continual trust and are always looking forward to your next email.