Green Cave Show - experimental

We have created live - quite a spontaneous episode with Swedish Youteber, who visited us in Gdynia. Episode was an experiment of form if we are able to realize such formats with our band, as it turned out DA SI臉 馃檪 - realized in the studio Green Cave Studio

PPNT Gdynia scanning.

As part of the research on new technologies, we have photogrammetrically scanned some of the buildings of the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia. The film was made to document the project.

Gdynia Business Plan 2010

(as part of OPEN-PRODUCTIONS) Spot encouraging to take part in the annual competition organized by Gdynia - Gdy艅ski Biznesplan 2010, I made and lit the photos in greenbox, editing, effects and keying. TVP3 broadcast, client Gdynia City Office

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