The project was commissioned by the ADHD Agency, the agency piloted the scenario. Photographs were taken in two locations: in Warsaw and in Krakow. Pictures in Krakow were made by my good friend from the film school, where we attended the classes together - Dominik Żurek.

Interestingly, in the fragment with portraits Mrs. Anna Wicha - Country Manager, the highest person in Adecco in Poland, when she watched the first assembly version she was moved to such a degree that she admitted that she shed a tear 🙂

The project was assisted by the operator Mateusz Klejman and Piotr Markiewicz.

In the project I had the pleasure of acting as the first director, the other (very helpful) was the owner of the ADHD agency, Iwona Polańska, thanks to her involvement the film gained enormous value in the substantive layer. In a word, he gave what he had to convey.

As a curiosity. the film was made mainly to present on the stage an event organized by ADHD. Event marking the 20th anniversary of ADECCO. There were two large diode screens on the stage. One on the left from the stage the second on the right. On both monitors, two minimally different films were displayed synchronously. In the Fragment from 6:18 to 8:15 we used the division: on the left the employees wrote on the cardboard, on the right they were standing up, raising the sections described by the reader.

The excerpt from the writing employees due to the pressure of employees and efficient directing was recorded in one single copy in just 20 minutes. Time chased us, but it worked great. We are happy with the result!


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