Start Falcon Heavy in Gdynia - Passion and first successes.

Yesterday, an event took place at the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia, which was established at the initiative of Park companies. The cinema hall was bursting at the seams - everyone watched a spectacular event on a global scale: Start Rocket Falcon Heavy. The film is an inspirational material, where the creator of the first Polish sub-orbital rocket tells where it came from Read more...

The Tides - 3D visualization

3D visualization of The Tides building in Warsaw, commissioned by the developer. The material was recorded from the drone, then the spaces were traced and a three-dimensional model of the building was introduced. The model was also created by us based on architectural plans.

Chronicle of the 31st Polish Feature Film Festival

(as part of OPEN-PRODUCTIONS) Marcin Borhardt and Jurek Rados came before the festival of feature films to edit the chronicles. Each episode was mounted on the same day as the photos taken. On a regular basis, the relation from the previous day was broadcast in the Musical Theater before the main screening, so for creation, that is recording, making music, editing Read more...

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