My second VR games company VISIO Group SA - games department (VR VISIO GAMES) announced the premiere of their game Drone Hunter VR Evolved - on Samsung Gear VR

As part of my job in the company, I had the opportunity to comprehensively create a trailer for the game. From the concept to the last cut I made: D. Of course, working on the film is action in Team. I had the irreplaceable Piotr Markiewicz from the company to help me Fotologica  he assumed the position of the DOP image operator as his responsibility. Many good suggestions on his part caused that the film defends itself and presents itself very well. In Rola "man from NASA", Adam Cegielski, the then president of VR VISIO, performed. the location of the photos was organized by Maja Dobrucka. Thanks to the team for cool production !! 🙂

Here is the end result:


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