Yesterday, an event took place at the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia, which was established at the initiative of Park companies. The cinema hall was bursting at the seams - everyone watched a spectacular event on a global scale: Start Rocket Falcon Heavy.

The film is an inspirational material, where the creator of the first Polish sub-orbital rocket tells where his passion for building rockets came from. The film also contains a motivating and positive summary of how "cosmic" matters are in Poland. It is very well dressed in a global context that we do not stay totally behind. Taking advantage of the occasion of such a big event as the start of the Rocket by Elon Muska is an opportunity to mention the fact that Poland is also starting to commercially gain space by taking its first steps in the industry. A friend of airPAS Machines was the initiator of the event, namely my friend Sebastian Nowicki - at the same time the client of the film.

My assembly and part of the photo. The second part of the photos was taken by the wonderful Lucy Malinowska.

The first film was made for distribution in the media:

The second production was created on the Sebastian's company channel.

You can say that both films present the same event, but in a slightly different form .. Accents in the assembly are put on other issues.


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