POLSPORTY - new series (Diverse Extreme Team)

(as part of OPEN-PRODUCTIONS) Another series of polsports - another mass of assemblies. This time the Diverse Extreme Team joined the sponsorship. The issue is still on 4FUN.TV, the author of the program is consistently Martinez or OP1. This time Daniel Kanka stood in full readiness for help, who, like me in the first round, did not assemble Read more...

Skecz Polsporty

(as part of OPEN-PRODUCTIONS) A sketch for the Polsporty program, my assembly and keying, photos: martinez, the author of the sketches for Polsports is Arkadiusz Okonski. An interesting fact is that Diverse ordered to throw this skit from the program :), I was not shown anywhere, to watch.

Subaru Diverse Extreme Team

(as part of OPEN-PRODUCTIONS) for OP1, assembly, color correction, effects. A short sneak peek at the TVN Turbo show, the Subaru race starting on a quarter of a mile with the plane. The movie can be seen on the plasma in Diverse stores.

Advertise Watch Divers Dakar Watch

(as part of OPEN-PRODUCTIONS) Taking pictures of the watch -detali. Execution of assembly from the materials and effects provided. Order for the Diverse chain of stores. Spot advertised a limited edition of the Diverse Dakar Watch Spot watches appeared on plasma in company stores. OP1 customer

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