Start Falcon Heavy in Gdynia - Passion and first successes.

Yesterday, an event took place at the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia, which was established at the initiative of Park companies. The cinema hall was bursting at the seams - everyone watched a spectacular event on a global scale: Start Rocket Falcon Heavy. The film is an inspirational material, where the creator of the first Polish sub-orbital rocket tells where it came from Read more...

Colossi 2009

(as part of OPEN-PRODUCTIONS) Realization of the update of the Kolosy advertising spot to the 2009 version from last year's spot. Last year's version was made and was preceded by Karol Dyczkowski. TVP3 broadcast

Polish Film festival - Gdynia spot

(as part of OPEN-PRODUCTIONS) Performing an animated spot for Gdynia City Hall, which was "let go" before screening films at the Silver Screen cinema and at the Musical Theater on the occasion of the Polish Feature Film Festival in Gdynia. The spot was made in 4K technology, it was "released" from a 35mm film strip

"Nordea - Bank that creates opportunities" Film celebrating the 15th anniversary of Nordea Bank Polska SA

(as part of OPEN-PRODUCTIONS) A film made by our company commissioned by Nordea, on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the bank. Our company has engaged in comprehensive production. I did the editing, graphics and animation for the film. We have employed over 20 people in the production of the film. The ceremonial screening took place at the Musical Theater in Gdynia on the 15th anniversary of the company's Gala.

Skwerkowicze - Police Zagwostka

I received materials from a friend for a local television program about police actions in order to prepare a graphic design for a police program. I am a "signer" I like meeting friends in the square of Kosciuszko in Gdynia - we drive cars in the evenings and talk to each other, "we go crazy";). I had a lot of private material from our meetings recorded. I connected the police materials Read more...