Drone Hunter VR Evolved - Cinematic Trailer

My second VR games company VISIO Group SA - games department (VR VISIO GAMES) announced the premiere of their game Drone Hunter VR Evolved - on Samsung Gear VR As part of my time in the company I had the opportunity to comprehensively create a trailer for the game. From the concept to the last cut I made Read more...

Announcements of Coaster from VR VISIO GAMES

In a few days I made the material presenting, upcoming titles from under VR VISIO GAMES. The material was sent to producers of VR goggles, among others we received "Ficzer" on Oculus and Steam stores.

Drone Hunter VR - press materials Video

As part of VR VISIO GAMES, I created press materials for the game Drone Hunter VR we created, some of the material was recorded in our Green Cave Studio: game teaser: game trailer: material presenting Gameplay from the game: material presenting the game in Mixed Reality - in mixed reality (Studio : GreenCaveStudio) short teasers with Gimper Read more...

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