What where, how and from?

The Lazniak.com brand comes from my name (Paweł Łaźniak). I first came to commercial existence in 2003. When I wrote my high school diploma - my ads were shown on television. Thanks to a long presence on the market, I have developed a network of contacts and proven talented people that I choose for projects. Most of our productions can be found on this page, we have also placed the oldest ones, to which I have a special fondness. In my career, I created several brands: OPEN-PRODUCTIONS (my first family film production company - today nonexistent) and among others GreenCaveStudio (GreenBox-studio of mixed reality), and VR VISIO - currently: IGNIBIT SA (a company dealing in the production of games and applications based on virtual reality) From work for the company I learned a valuable lesson how to manage a 20-person creative team with a high budget spread over a year of activity which was a huge challenge and became a growing experience. With the beginning of 2018. IGNIBIT has achieved independence. I returned to the film industry, focusing on the sustainable and organic development of my old Lazniak.com brand.

What we offer

First of all - because we prefer - we will create for you advertising spots. We will not be ashamed to produce corporate films, product and image films. We also approach with an unusual passion production of video clips. We record from the ground, sometimes out of the air.

One Man Band - or more ...

My recipe for good production is creation in a group initiated around a given production. Over the years I have rubbed many paths in many industries - mainly film. I cooperate constantly with the most talented. Together with them, we will "cut" the film according to the needs and possibilities while maintaining it above-average quality.

Appreciated Quality and Commitment

We can decorate the productions with thoughtful animated elements. You will see in us attention to detail, consistency in aesthetics and fidelity.


Thanks to many years of experience (over 15 years in the industry) we have frayed models of cooperation with both corporate, agency and individual clients. We are characterized by sincere open relationships, creativity, reliability and punctuality.


In my career, I had to do almost every activity that can be imagined in the production of a film, including making a director's coffee. I used to be technical support, operator, lighting, editor, actor, main and technical director, I put lecturers on commercials, I was DOP, plan manager, producer, draftsman, 2D and 3D animator, Motion-Designer, sound technician, musician, I also wrote scripts and I organized production. You can not be all at once. Only in some of these things I feel really good. Fortunately There are people around me who, after many years, understand practically no words and create a well-coordinated and cohesive team where everyone translates their personal qualities into productive work. Experiencing in each of these areas allowed me to know what the film really is.

What Budget?

We value our work in proportion to the time needed to complete the task. If the project requires teamwork, I choose specialists for a given project. We strive to make our film forms for you effective. We want to the money you spent was well spent. It happens that I do only a few hour projects, but also take part in complex, multiplayer lasting several months.

Showreel 2011

We are currently working on a new showreel

We have our own Cloud to exchange files with the 1000/1000 Mbps link located in Warsaw with the desktop synchronization option: Client - Contractor

Friends / Clients about us

We do not build friendly relationships, we just can not dislike.
Łukasz Tomkiewicz

Łukasz Tomkiewicz

Arrinera automotive

Over the last 10 years, we have developed a form of cooperation to understand ourselves practically without words. We entrust all important and strategic film projects to Paweł, because we know that he is able to make them so that they are effective.

Michał Grzelak

Michał Grzelak

ProxyMedia Films

As a production house, we know that you can always rely on Post-production from Lazniak.com. The films that we create after giving Paweł Łaźniak gain something like "dots over and". They become a work of art and FinalTouch becomes the icing on the cake.

Filip Gąsiorek

Filip Gąsiorek


Paweł is a great partner for building a business. The FestEkipa brand thanks to its participation has gained high quality, although we operate in the same industry, there is no question of competing. I am glad that I can host Paweł in his FestEkipa. For many years, we have been building a healthy relationship between us.

Anna Draus

Anna Draus

Tan Empire LTD.

I have the pleasure of cooperating with Paweł Łazniak for a very long time. Previously, I was involved in the production of films and I am demanding. I appreciate Paul's attachment to details. Currently, I am realizing animations at the fair and internet at Lazniak.com. I commission Paweł more work at once - more in bulk, but absolutely without loss of quality. Wholesale in this case means that Lazniak.com can adjust the process of creating content in an orderly manner and quickly get a satisfactory final result. Thanks to the ordered space on the Lazniak.com server, I know that I will be able to return to many projects after some time in the event of editing.


More production can be found in the section:

advertising spot Madison

As part of cooperation with Any4mat, we made a spot advertising the Madison shopping gallery at Lech Wałęsa airport in Gdańsk:

OXIMO - TV spot

On behalf of Oximo, we made an advertisement for the purpose of promoting products on the web and on television. On the set we used the Motion Control system - MR Pike Making Of: Advertising: Sponsor Billboard: Backstage: Photo from the plan: in the project Read more...

Duraturn Sponsorship Billboard

As part of cooperation with festekipa, we have created a comprehensive sponsor billboard for the DURATURN tire brand from scratch: Do you need a similar production? Write - biuro@lazniak.com

Multibook.one - film production

We have comprehensively produced a film for Multibook.one. The implementation together with the organization of film images took a total of 4 days. Polish version: English version:

KGHM - recording a hologram

I made a recording at the headquarters of KGHM Polska Miedź, for a holographic projection of the character produced by Multitap

Venoforton Billboard Sponsor

Creating a video part for a sponsorship billboard for the producer of VENOFORTON, made as part of cooperation with FestEkipa.


You can do nothing else - just call a proven team.


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